Why the Design of Mundo is So Important

This system utilizes an open loop, using existing water from the well ...People who have made use of Mundo probably know some of the basic information about it’s design. One of the most important aspects of the architectural design principles has been the fact that it’s open source. However, many people simply know this in terms of marketing. People might know that open source design is significant, but not really know what it is or the impact it has on Mundo.

So, what is open source? The source part of the name refers to what’s known as source code. When a program is created, the programmer writes it in a plain text file. This is a bit similar to what one receives when using Microsoft Notepad. It’s just a plain file with text in it. However, while most people use text files to write simple documents, a programmer fills it with computer code.

The computer code filled files are then compiled into an actual program. This can happen in one of two different ways. A programmer can perform the compilation immediately on their own system. Or, a programmer can instead rely on something known as “just in time compilation”. This is often abbreviated as JIT compilation. JIT compiled code is most often seen with javascript run within one’s web browsers.

Now, how does this apply to systems like Mundo? The source code, here, is considered open. This means that it’s not closed off to the study and gaze of users. Anyone who finds issue with the system performance can look into the actual codebase. By correlating the problem with the code, it’s possible to create a custom solution and submit it for review. If the solution is approved, it can actually make it into the finished product for an official release. The end effect can be amazing when dozens, or even hundreds, of people work alongside each other like this. It can create a far more polished product than what one would get from a small team working alone.


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