Getting Things Set Up at the New Location

It is not really a new office. I have a rented house about half an hour from Gettysburg and pretty close to the Maryland line. That is the new location. It is not as though we are sending a lot of people up here to start up a new shop. I am just going to try to open up a new territory and so I am going to be out on the road. I have Pennsylvania Frontier internet, which the company is paying for and they are paying for the house since we are going to call it our business address. It will be a mess for the accountants and if they are not very careful they shall have trouble with the IRS. You have problems when you go mixing up a personal expense with a business expense. Of course the IRS is used to people trying to cheat them or just trying to be a bit too clever and that is one of the ways that people do it.

I used to work for this guy who had a tiny of grass in front of his office. We got one of those reel type mowers that does not even have a motor on it. You could pretty much stand in one spot and push that mower to each direction and mow about half of that grass. It took about fifteen minutes to do it. That included the trimming with a weed eater. At any rate this guy bought a mower that cost about three thousand dollars for his businss. It was the sort of mower you would have needed if you have a yard that was three or four acres. Of course he had a great big yard at his house and that was where you would find that mower.


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