An Entire Album of Pictures

A data recovery company was able to save one of my old hard drives that held a lot of pictures that I saved over the years. When I got my first digital camera, I started taking as many pictures as I could, and then stored them on an external hard drive. The hard drive had thousands of pictures, and one day when I loaded it in order to put more picture on it, the drive was completely empty. I knew I didn’t delete the pictures by accident, so where they could have gone was a mystery to me.

I asked some friends for advice, and they told me to shut off the hard drive and don’t write anything else to it, because it could erase the pictures that were already there. I was confused, because there were obviously no visible pictures on the hard drive, but my friends told me that the it’s possible to restore the pictures, and if I left the drive intact, then none of them would be overwritten. I took the hard drive to the recovery company and they did a scan of it using a program. The scan revealed that all of the files were still on the hard drive, but the hard drive was appearing as if it had been reformatted.

The company backed up the files on my hard drive and then did a multi pass reformat to completely erase everything on it. Then they transferred the files back onto the hard drive. Sometimes hard drive can fail for unexplained reasons. I’m lucky that my files were still intact, because the situation could have been worse. Since the drive was fixed, I started backing up all of my pictures onto discs. I bought a leather case to store the discs, just like a photo album.


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