A Discussion About Open Source Operating Systems

What is the best learning management system (LMS) for creating large ...Over the past five years, there have been a lot of debates going on about the effectiveness of open source operating systems. The main point of these debates is about open source systems being more useful and effective then closed based systems.

From a technology perspective, the major difference between open and closed operating systems is that an open based system allows access to source codes, while closed systems do not. In most cases, closed operating systems are developed and used within a major company or retail chains, while individual communities generally manufacture open operating software. One system often used as an example in these debates is the Mundo open source operating system, which has been around in the technology industry for many, many years. One of the reasons the Mundo system is often mentioned in these debates, is because it has a track record of being highly reliable and effective. At the present time, the major debate about open source systems seems to be more about future changes and online security. In regards to future changes, some in the technology field are anticipating that many new features will be added to open source systems in order to make them more user friendly. As it stands right now, it takes a highly advanced and trained technology person to understand and manipulate the current operating source codes. In reference to online security, as a result of all the recent online security attacks and the hacking of major corporate websites, most in the technology industry agree that all open source operating systems in the future will need to have increased security features. In anticipation of these changes, the manufacturers of the Mundo open source operating system have already begun taking additional security measures.

These estimated updates and changes are definitely welcome news to both the business and technology communities.


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