An Entire Album of Pictures


A data recovery company was able to save one of my old hard drives that held a lot of pictures that I saved over the years. When I got my first digital camera, I started taking as many pictures as I could, and then stored them on an external hard drive. The hard drive had thousands of pictures, and one day when I loaded it in order to put more picture on it, the drive was completely empty. I knew I didn’t delete the pictures by accident, so where they could have gone was a mystery to me.

I asked some friends for advice, and they told me to shut off the hard drive and don’t write anything else to it, because it could erase the pictures that were already there. Continue reading


Learning to Jailbreak IOS 8

There are a bunch of different reasons you might want to go ahead and jailbreak iOS 8 on your smartphone or tablet. The two biggest reasons I can think of is to get rid of bloatware on phones, and to break the locked down control that the manufacturer has over how you can do things such as transferring files and music. You can only do things through their proprietary means if you have a locked phone. If you have a branded phone, you know it is loaded with a bunch of junk software that you cannot get rid of.

Now as for tablets, if it is Wi-Fi only, then the bloatware is not a problem. Just manufacturer programs you can pretty much easily manipulate. Continue reading


Getting Things Set Up at the New Location

It is not really a new office. I have a rented house about half an hour from Gettysburg and pretty close to the Maryland line. That is the new location. It is not as though we are sending a lot of people up here to start up a new shop. I am just going to try to open up a new territory and so I am going to be out on the road. I have Pennsylvania Frontier internet, which the company is paying for and they are paying for the house since we are going to call it our business address. It will be a mess for the accountants and if they are not very careful they shall have trouble with the IRS. You have problems when you go mixing up a personal expense with a business expense. Continue reading


Why the Design of Mundo is So Important

This system utilizes an open loop, using existing water from the well ...People who have made use of Mundo probably know some of the basic information about it’s design. One of the most important aspects of the architectural design principles has been the fact that it’s open source. However, many people simply know this in terms of marketing. People might know that open source design is significant, but not really know what it is or the impact it has on Mundo.

So, what is open source? The source part of the name refers to what’s known as source code. When a program is created, the programmer writes it in a plain text file. This is a bit similar to what one receives when using Microsoft Notepad. It’s just a plain file with text in it. However, while most people use text files to write simple documents, a programmer fills it with computer code.

The computer code filled files are then compiled into an actual program. This can happen in one of two different ways. Continue reading


A Discussion About Open Source Operating Systems

What is the best learning management system (LMS) for creating large ...Over the past five years, there have been a lot of debates going on about the effectiveness of open source operating systems. The main point of these debates is about open source systems being more useful and effective then closed based systems.

From a technology perspective, the major difference between open and closed operating systems is that an open based system allows access to source codes, while closed systems do not. In most cases, closed operating systems are developed and used within a major company or retail chains, while individual communities generally manufacture open operating software. One system often used as an example in these debates is the Mundo open source operating system, which has been around in the technology industry for many, many years. One of the reasons the Mundo system is often mentioned in these debates, is because it has a track record of being highly reliable and effective. At the present time, the major debate about open source systems seems to be more about future changes and online security. Continue reading