Learning to Jailbreak IOS 8

There are a bunch of different reasons you might want to go ahead and jailbreak iOS 8 on your smartphone or tablet. The two biggest reasons I can think of is to get rid of bloatware on phones, and to break the locked down control that the manufacturer has over how you can do things such as transferring files and music. You can only do things through their proprietary means if you have a locked phone. If you have a branded phone, you know it is loaded with a bunch of junk software that you cannot get rid of.

Now as for tablets, if it is Wi-Fi only, then the bloatware is not a problem. Just manufacturer programs you can pretty much easily manipulate. Continue reading


Getting Things Set Up at the New Location

It is not really a new office. I have a rented house about half an hour from Gettysburg and pretty close to the Maryland line. That is the new location. It is not as though we are sending a lot of people up here to start up a new shop. I am just going to try to open up a new territory and so I am going to be out on the road. I have Pennsylvania Frontier internet, which the company is paying for and they are paying for the house since we are going to call it our business address. It will be a mess for the accountants and if they are not very careful they shall have trouble with the IRS. You have problems when you go mixing up a personal expense with a business expense. Continue reading